Since this project was initiated, Lorena Sac has been the driving force behind the creation and delivery of our our Christmas gift basket.  I’m never able to join her and I always ask her to take photos and jot down some of her memories of the day.  In the previous post I included her letter of reflection from that day.  Here I’m including the beautiful photos she took as well as a few words of thanks from the families.  The images offer a snapshot of the joy expressed by the families upon receiving their baskets, the absolute delight in receiving traditional Christmas treats.  Their gratitude for feeling remembered during the holidays is deep and powerful, a reminder to me that no act of kindness is ever too small.   Thank you to everyone who makes these acts of kindness possible through your support of Education and Hope!



Doña Santos, mother of one of our special needs students, Carlitos:   Thank you for remembering our family during the holidays.  May God bless you always.   IMG_3757


Doña Magdalena:  Thank you Julie, and everyone of Education and Hope.  May God multiply the blessings you have given us.



Doña Marcela (mother of Edgar, and of Chepito who has Down Syndrome) :  Thank you for the support you provide for my children and for accept us in the Education and Hope family.


Doña Carolina:   Thank you, dear Julie, for everything you have done to offer us comfort and consolation, and to show us love in our most difficult moments.



Doña Aura:  Thank you for the job you have given me, for the scholarships provided for my children and for this beautiful Christmas basket.



Doña Diega:   Thank you, Julie, for never abandoning me, and for always being so good and so kind to me and my family.



Doña Marcelina:  Thank you all for everything you do for others.



Doña Rosario Ixtazuy:  Thank you for keeping us in your hearts always, and for encouraging us to continue moving forward.



Doña Teodora:   Thank you, Julie, for never abandoning us.  Even though you are far away this Christmas we know you are close in our hearts.



Doña María Pérez:  Thank you, Julie, for offering us even more than we could ask for.



Rosenda:   Thank you, Julie, for everything you share with us each day, and for all of your efforts that are giving us a chance at a better life.  IMG_4178


Irma:  Thank you all for giving us such a beautiful Christmas.



Emilia y Fernando:   Thank you, Julie for all of your support and for giving us the love of a mother.



Doña Reyna:  Thank you all for the love you share with the children of Education and Hope.



Doña Carmen:  Thank you for accepting us as part of the Education and Hope family.



(Doña Marina is a grandmother who has lost two of her adult children this year, has become guardian to many of  her grandchildren, and who is presently caring for a critically ill grandchild.)  When we arrived at the house of Doña Marina it was so emotional, so many children welcoming us into the humble home, receiving the basket as an offering of comfort.  After so much loss this year and the continued concern for the delicate health of the baby, their home is filled with so much sadness you feel as though you are breathing it in.  The grieving adults aren’t able to give the children all the attention they need and the little ones saw us arrive as if in some kind of dream.  It was so wonderful to offer them a moment of pause from the hardship they are living, to share some happy moments for a little while, to bring them what was surely their greatest gift this Christmas.  (Pictured below are 4-year-old Julie Ellen and 2-year-old Gordon, number 8 and 9 of the ten siblings who lost their mother earlier this year.)



It wasn’t my intention to write down all the words of gratitude expressed by every family, but I realized that you inspire so much gratitude in our families that gratitude becomes a magic word in these acitivities.  And not just among the adults but with the children too!  Here are a few more photos to share with everyone who made these moments of joy possible.  Merry Christmas to everyone!













The beloved team that volunteers their time to make all this joy possible!


The team that makes this all possible! Fernando, Enma, Lorena and Joel.