November 1, 2021

Today is the feast of All Saints, a day to honor the lives of those who have gone before us, a day we remember and mourn the dead. I spent the morning in a meditation of sorts, transcribing messages sent with donations made in the memory of a wonderful man, a husband and father who believed deeply in our work. There were 39 generous donations made in his memory collecting an astounding sum. Although I had read the messages previously, today pairing them up with photos of the children the gifts will support into the future made me weep.


It’s an extraordinary thing to imagine how the decisions that we make, the people we choose to be, and the way we live our lives can ultimately ripple out to impact the lives of countless others. The gifts given by those mourning the loss of beloved Bill will go on to enrich and nurture and brighten lives, directly and indirectly. They honor his memory by lifting up Education and Hope, the organization he so firmly believed in. What a beautiful reminder of our expansive interconnectedness. Our lives are entangled here on this earth and our presence continues to resonate long after our bodies leave this physical plane. We are grateful for the living ones who steward and sustain our mission and for our own communion of saints watching over us, reminding us how loved and supported we truly are.