Since the pandemic began, it’s rare to have our kids on site. Not to long ago, we had a check-in to monitor everyone’s height and weight. We’ve been monitoring growth because early on we saw how interruption of our meal service had impacted wellness, especially among the most vulnerable of our population. After measurements, our nutrition and health team offered a talk to kids and their moms.

While everyone was waiting for the heavy rain to subside, Lorena caught a glimpse of these two friends catching up after many long months of not being classmates in real life. She said the ease with which they picked up again, as though they had never been apart, filled her with a sense of homecoming. She could feel the peace and the confidence inspired by the chance to return home, even if just for a visit. It was an opportunity to experience the sense of family and friendship that sustains us all. We were happy to send everyone off that day with books from our lending library.

Story books and conversation across the lunch table. A taste of home.