Education and Hope aims to increase access to education among impoverished children and young adults in the western highlands of Guatemala.  The program provides students with monthly scholarships, and also offers academic reinforcement in the form of tutoring after school.  The average level of education among Guatemalan adults is 4.1 years, a fact which makes it all the more extraordinary that to date 118 of our students have graduated from high school, and 8 of our students have attained college degrees.


Meals Served

After School Program Participants

High School Graduates

Scholarship Program

In 2016 Education and Hope provided scholarships to 212 children and young adults. In addition to covering registration fees and monthly tuition costs, we provide each student with a new backpack filled with school supplies, a school uniform, a pair of school shoes and sneakers, bus fare to get back and forth to school, and any materials required throughout the year. We also help to cover any necessary medical expenses. The amount of each individual scholarship varies according to the particular expenses of that child’s educational institution and the economic situation of each family.

After School Program

In order to thrive in school, children need to be healthy and well-nourished; they need shoes on their feet and backpacks to carry school supplies; they need access to proper hygiene and they need to feel loved.  In 2016, the after school program served the needs of 105 scholarship recipients. Every afternoon our students enjoy a hot shower (unavailable to most at home), nutritious meals, and tutoring. Hand-in-hand with our concern for access to education is our concern for the physical, emotional and social well-being of each student in our program.  The after school program is our way of nurturing the holistic well-being in each child we work with.

Day Care Program

In recent years we have formalized an early childhood education program to care for the small children of our employees who have no one to care for them while their mothers work. Morning meals, play time, reading readiness, baths and naps are all part of the loving attention they receive.  We are pleased to see evidence of this “head start”when our little ones begin kindergarten more readily able to adapt to their new environment.

The Hope Center

Casa Esperanza is our resource for family health and wellness.  We recognize that the stability of the family in inextricably linked to the success of the student and this part of our program contributes in small ways to helping families through crises that might impact a student’s education.  To that end, Casa Esperanza provides a food pantry for monthly nutritional assistance, small grants to make necessary home improvements (fix a leaky roof, install indoor plumbing), and loans  in the event of medical emergencies.


Primary School Students

Middle School Students

High School Students

University Students

“Education and Hope is a smile served with your lunch, a book that comes with a hug, a clean place that smells like home. It’s where people who don’t share your blood, and who might not even know your name, become your family all the same.  It’s that boost of support given to you just when you thought there was no one to help you. It’s the opportunity to become someone better and to help others do the same. It’s the blessing that life wishes for us all to have, a blessing we are grateful for every single day.” 

– Magda Violeta Sac, Education and Hope University Graduate –