Hard at work planting seeds for a better future in Guatemala! We are so thrilled to see our Jenny Díaz in action! She finished up a grueling pre-med sophomore year with flying colors and then got right back to her studies. Jenny was awarded a research internship at the University of Kentucky and has spent the last two months studying limb regeneration in salamanders. Knowing that Jenny hopes to one day study gynecology and support the needs of underserved women in her community, the research professor also assigned her to a study of menstruation cycles in mice. 


It’s a long time to be away from family in Guatemala and the people she loves, and this has not been easy. But true to her nature, Jenny is shining bright and taking full advantage of the opportunities afforded to her in the advancement of her education. When the internship wrapped, she had two quick weeks to recharge in Lexington. Now Jenny’s back at Berea ready for junior year to begin.

We are grateful to those marching in Guatemala right now to demand an end to corruption and a respect for human rights. It’s clear to us that Jenny’s hard work and dedication is woven into the very same passionate commitment to ensure that all Guatemalans might live with dignity, health and peace. We are so proud of you, Jenny!