Faces of Hope / 1
Resilience bound in love

I noticed this photo in the corner of my desktop last night, waiting to be remembered, it seems. As I took in the image and the love that emanates from these faces, I realized I was breathing in hope. For what remains of the year I’d like to share with you reflections of what inspires me to continue doing this work: the faces of hope inside our Education and Hope community, what draws us to one another, the love that reminds us we are all connected and that we are stronger together.

Meet Lidia and her Tía Carolina. Lidia was one of ten children when she lost her mother, Julia, at age ten. Julia was Carolina’s beloved sister. While both have been consumed by grief and the pain of loss, mourning Julia’s absence, Carolina has been a bountiful source of motherly love to Lidia, reminding Lidia that she is not alone. Caring for Lidia offers Carolina a way to honor her deep love for her sister. This tender love has helped each move forward on their path. Their resilience bound in love is an image of hope. ❤️