It always feels like a little bit of a miracle to me when people who have experienced our work in person write about what most impacted them during their visit, what they saw and felt during their time with us.


The uniqueness of our mission is not easily summed up in an elevator pitch. Insight from witnesses is an invaluable resource to help spread the word and widen our network as we seek to earn the support that sustains us.


There hasn’t been a formally published article that gets as close to the heart of who we are and what we do as beautifully as this piece does. The passionate devotion to social justice in the heart of this gifted writer opens a broad pathway for understanding the lifeblood that runs through Education and Hope. Thank you, Arpi Miller, for taking the time to live among us, for distilling the essence of our spirit, and for telling our story in such a rich and perceptive way.


I’ve shared the link below and encourage all of our friends to set aside some time to read this remarkable portrait of Education and Hope! I hope these insights will enrich your understanding of our program and inspire you to share our story.

Creating a Community of Care in Highland Guatemala