100 Faces of Hope/ 8: Perseverance

The span of her life has encompassed more loss than most people will ever know. Yet our beloved Doña Diega greets each day with a renewed sense of strength and a profound gratitude for the blessings in her life. She has been a guardian for many of her abandoned grandchildren at an age when some in my country would have long been enjoying retirement. We all admire her passion for learning and her continued pursuit of education, and are grateful for her daily contributions at the after school program. Her grandmotherly love and steady presence enriches all of our lives. She is someone who never takes for granted a morning that she is able to open her eyes and live another day. Happy 77th birthday, Doña Diega! Que Dios le derrame bendiciónes tanto como su presencia es una bendición para todos nosotros. ¡La queremos mucho! ❤️