100 Faces of Hope/ 5 : Pride

My biggest weekend of the year followed by two days of meetings and packing, then 16 hours of travel door to door. Wednesday night I found myself questioning my sanity. What was I thinking? This trip was hard 23 years ago and it certainly hasn’t gotten easier over time. Surely the kids would have understood if I hadn’t pushed to make it to Thursday morning’s Sixth Grade promotion ceremony.

And then I walked in at 8:30 the next morning to find that three of the four Fifth Grade flag bearers were my kids. All kids who have had challenging years for a variety of reasons but still found their way through to come out at the head of the class. Major heart swell. What a way to start an emotional morning! You can’t be there for every moment, but I sure am glad I was able to make it for this one. So much pride. ❤️