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Education and Hope | Providing hope through education for the children of Guatemala

Providing Hope Through Education for the Children of Guatemala

Education and Hope is a small, non-profit education foundation based in the western highlands of Guatemala. Our program aims to increase access to education among impoverished children and young adults in this area by providing students with comprehensive scholarships, as well as by offering academic reinforcement in the form of tutoring after school.


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At least 65% of Guatemalans are illiterate and only three of ten children graduate from the sixth grade. Unless access to education is increased, the situation of extreme poverty and all that stems from it (poor health, high infant mortality, malnutrition, and reduced life expectancy) will continue to endanger the lives of Guatemalans.


We believe that education is the most effective means to truly break the cycle of poverty. A promise is made to each child welcomed into the scholarship program that we will provide assistance to them for as long as they wish to continue their studies, the only condition being their commitment to success. We are deeply committed to fulfilling that promise.


For as little as $25 each month you can help a Guatemalan child stay in school. Education and Hope is funded largely by individual donations.  We depend on the compassionate support of our donors to continue to provide hope through education for so many children. We guarantee that 87 cents of every dollar that you donate will go directly towards improving the lives of the children in our program.

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Your support makes so many good things possible!  There are many more stories to tell than we can fit into our twice-yearly print newsletter. Our eNewsletter will give you a closer look inside the program, the chance to meet our staff and students, and witness all that transpires on a daily basis in Guatemala.  If you’re interested in learning more about our organization and the people we serve, please sign up!



Thank you for your generous support in 2014!

Thank you for your generous support in 2014!

What an incredible year for Education and Hope!   We are so grateful for all the good things your support made possible in 2014.  Here is a brief overview to touch on some of the ways Education and Hope is creating positive change in the lives of our program members, all thanks to your generosity. SCHOLARSHIPS 210 students received comprehensive scholarships (tuition, materials, backpacks, uniforms, school shoes)   BREAKDOWN OF ENROLLMENT IN 2014: 8 Pre-school Students   74 Elementary School Students   41 Middle School Students 34 High School Students   42 University Students   AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM Our after school program provided hot meals, tutoring, showers, medical attention and love to 93 students daily. We believe that the after school program is truly the key to our success.  It gives us the opportunity to interact with students and their families on a daily basis, determining what types of support they might need, and offering the love and affection that many with traumatic home lives so desperately need.  We do our best to meet each child’s individual needs (social, psychological, nutritional, medical etc.) believing that academic success hinges on the student’s overall health and well-being.   NUTRITION Good nutrition is a key element in our program.  The hot, balanced lunch we serve at 1 pm is the best meal the students will eat each day.  We serve another small meal at 4 pm, mindful that many of our students go without dinner at home.  In 2014 your support provided approximately 63,000 meals!   JOBS  Education and Hope is proud to offer stable employment to 46 people.  The breakdown in...
Guest Blog: The Year of Us

Guest Blog: The Year of Us

Welcome to our Guest Blogger, Katie Devine who shared her experiences visiting Education & Hope in 2014 You can find more from Katie at Confessions of an Imperfect Life   While many people do their reflecting and goal-setting at the end of each calendar year, I typically wait until my birthday at the end of January to look back at the year that has passed and to make my plans for the year that is beginning for me. The year that followed my turning thirty-six broke the mold of all years that came before. It broke me. And now that my birthday is, once again, here, I find that I don’t want to do things as I have previously done them. I don’t want to look back and reflect on the year I became an only child. I don’t want to examine all of the ways this year has changed me. I don’t want to make silly lists of all of the things I plan to do on this next trip around the sun (Get back in shape! Visit new countries! Find life’s purpose!!) My windows of time now are shorter, more fragile. Long term reflecting and planning have both been abandoned out of necessity rather than any rational choice. Instead of ruminating about all that has occurred since my last birthday, I can only reminisce about my most recent experience. Instead of formulating plans for the upcoming year, I can only arrange for today. * When I booked my trip to Guatemala, life looked a lot different. It was a new country to visit, and an opportunity to...
Nineteen years.

Nineteen years.

  Nineteen years ago today, right about now, I was settling down for my first night ever in Guatemala.  It was way before the days of easy $10 airport shuttles, but I was in luck.  Back home in Norwalk I had just met the friend of a friend who was involved with a non-profit in Guatemala and she happened to be in the country the day I arrived.  My now very dear friend, Pat Krause, rode a chicken bus on the windy mountain road from Antigua into Guatemala City to meet me at the airport.  We caught one bus and then had to change to another somewhere in the heart of the chaotic city.  I remember carrying a big backpack, twice as heavy as it should have been for all the books I was unwilling to leave behind. While we waited for the second bus on a busy street corner, Pat treated me to an orange soda from a street vendor.  She asked for it to go, Guate-style: poured into a plastic baggie with a straw, room temperature.  I imagine the me from then:  exhausted from the flight, struggling under the weight of a heavy pack, gripping the soda bag in one hand and a duffel bag in the other, the hot sun beating down relentlessly overhead.  I must have been overwhelmed because I vaguely remember trying to keep a poker face, but I know I wasn’t especially nervous.  I had never been to Guatemala and I was really excited for this adventure, a new chapter in my life.  I had no idea what to expect but somehow it felt...
Christmas-in-a-basket 2014

Christmas-in-a-basket 2014

Once again this year our beloved Lorena (long-time member of our administrative staff) organized the creation and delivery of Christmas gift baskets.  The basket contains Red Delicious apples, cookies and traditional Christmas sweets, as well as some basic kitchen staples.  Our Christmas-in-a-basket tradition started a few years back when we realized that many of our families were struggling to feed their families during the three weeks our program was closed.  But even though the basket has items like cooking oil and nutritious grain drinks, the intention is more than just practical.  We make a point to fill it with holiday treats knowing that these same families will likely not have the means to celebrate Christmas and we want them to know they are not forgotten.  Hard to believe that so much joy can be shared for about $30!  Our deepest thanks to everyone who supports Education and Hope making special moments like these possible.  In a separate post I’ll share photos of the individual families and the words of thanks they showered on those who made these baskets possible, but here are Lorena’s reflections about the day.     Merry Christmas, Julie!  I wish with all my heart that God will repay your every act of kindness and love, all you do on our behalf.  Today we delivered the Christmas baskets and I am filled with so many emotions.  These last few days have been full of happiness, surprises, and also deep sadness for a few of our families experiencing very difficult times.     I wanted you to know how extremely grateful we are that you have made...