Providing Hope Through Education for the Children of Guatemala

Education and Hope is a small, non-profit education foundation based in the western highlands of Guatemala. Our program aims to increase access to education among impoverished children and young adults in this area by providing students with comprehensive scholarships, as well as by offering academic reinforcement in the form of tutoring after school.


Guatemalans Living in Poverty

Scholarships Provided

Years in Operation


At least 65% of Guatemalans are illiterate and only three of ten children graduate from the sixth grade. Unless access to education is increased, the situation of extreme poverty and all that stems from it (poor health, high infant mortality, malnutrition, and reduced life expectancy) will continue to endanger the lives of Guatemalans.


We believe that education is the most effective means to truly break the cycle of poverty. A promise is made to each child welcomed into the scholarship program that we will provide assistance to them for as long as they wish to continue their studies, the only condition being their commitment to success. We are deeply committed to fulfilling that promise.


For as little as $25 each month you can help a Guatemalan child stay in school. Education and Hope is funded largely by individual donations.  We depend on the compassionate support of our donors to continue to provide hope through education for so many children. We guarantee that 87 cents of every dollar that you donate will go directly towards improving the lives of the children in our program.

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Your support makes so many good things possible!  There are many more stories to tell than we can fit into our twice-yearly print newsletter. Our eNewsletter will give you a closer look inside the program, the chance to meet our staff and students, and witness all that transpires on a daily basis in Guatemala.  If you’re interested in learning more about our organization and the people we serve, please sign up!



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Lucio's big news!

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